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Frac and Coiled tubing

Since the beginning of oilfield industry. Several services are utilised until an oil or gas well goes for production. Then again for producing well you need a gas or oil production plant.
My topic today is about the services of fracturing and coiled tubing department. In oilfield industry there are numerous well services companies. But there are two well known services which believe they are the best and money makers in the company. One is wireline services and the other is Frac service. As for me I’m part of coiled tubing services so most of the time I’m working after or before these super services. So I will be hearing their super stories and huge money generating jobs. In reality I found them amusing and no better than oilfield’s super comedians. In the end all the money goes to the production company.

As for me all I know is that I can do their job without a problem but they can’t do mine. Frac and wireline boys will say the same thing other way around if they write this blog. Ah I love being part of this industry.

Honda Civic Shock Absorbers

Today I was at the Honda classic showroom and spare shop. I asked for warehouse man at the spare shop to give shock absorbers for Honda civic 2005 model. First he looked at me and then replied, “you need one or all four”. I told him I need all four. He went inside the warehouse and came back and confirmed again if I need all four or one because the total was 45 thousand Pak rupees. I confirmed with him to give me all four and paid him in cash.
I asked him why he need to confirm twice and he told me that most of the time people ask for suspension spares and then change their mind after knowing the exact price. Typical Pakistani mentality never buy genuine parts because they are expensive always go for local or used spares from Sultan-ke-Kho(spare parts and junk yard).
I laughed with him and went out with the spares towards my car.