OMG What’s Going On

First thing that came in my mind when the oil market crashed. OMG What’s going on because everything was so perfect and then at once everything collapsed. Employees for oilfields were fired like hell. Then after the corporate giants they released like 25% of their work force business started to pick up and oil prices started to rise again. Then I realized that it was just a drama to release the employees and teach the lesson of humility to oil producing countries.

Now everything is back to normal and Oil Field Industry is run by short crew. So the conclusion is to let the same work which 15 people do before now 05 can handle and stay scared of the management because they still don’t know when the company will release them. In this kind of environment the profit shares for the mother oil field companies is rising steadily. The employees are working at minimum wages. The Worn-out or junk equipment can be used without any problem because of the high demand of services.

In the next 5-6 years more huge changes will be seen as well. May be there will be another artificial oil and gas industry slump.



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